UCL Quarters and Semis Draw – PSG Win The Lottery!

The UEFA Champions League is finally resuming! Football is now back in all its glory. The UCL was heavily rumoured to be cancelled this year, but owing to the valiant efforts of all the healthcare workers, we now have the UCL officially returning. Heading into the draw, FC Bayern Munich were the clear favourites to … Read moreUCL Quarters and Semis Draw – PSG Win The Lottery!

Thorough Thrashing For The Frankfurt Eagles…

After Bayern’s underwhelming outing against Union Berlin last week, they really needed a strong performance against Eintracht Frankfurt before facing Dortmund on the 26th to gain some much-needed confidence. Dortmund ran riot in both of their first two games, and were looking quite likely to have form on their side going into 26th’s all-important game … Read moreThorough Thrashing For The Frankfurt Eagles…

Bland Beginning For Bayern…

Bayern Munich have played their first game since the Bundesliga came back, and quite honestly, it was underwhelming. There were billions of people watching the match, hoping to see the team who completely destroyed Chelsea and Tottenham at their homes, but instead they saw a rusty team, not anywhere close to making a UCL title … Read moreBland Beginning For Bayern…

Bundesliga Match Predictions – Matchday 26

The Bundesliga is coming back and so are match predictions! After so many months without football (yes, I know its just 2 but still!), we finally have something to predict. Lets get straight into the predictions now! Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke – 2-1 There could have been no better way to kick off the Bundesliga … Read moreBundesliga Match Predictions – Matchday 26

Football Is Returning!

FOOTBALL IS RETURNING! Yes, after more than 2 months without almost any live sports whatsoever, we will now finally get to watch football. This huge gap has made me, and lots of other sports fans realise how much sports mean to us and how difficult it is to survive without them. My nicotine patch in the absence of the real thing was talking with other football fans on twitter. It was fun, but what will be more fun is the Bundesliga when it returns on the 16th of May!

Coronavirus Is Infecting Sport Massively!

On the 17th of November, a group of Chinese doctors in Wuhan were approached by a patient. Upon examining him properly, the doctors found some groundbreaking results. They concluded that the patient had been infected by a virus which was quite similar to the SARS virus of 2002, but not quite the same. Whatever it … Read moreCoronavirus Is Infecting Sport Massively!

Players That Each Team NEEDS – Part 2

Before anything, check the date that this blog was published. If it says 19th or 18th of December then I have finally managed to write a blog on my phone. It is so tough because the page keeps refreshing and you can’t save the drafts! Anyway, this is my third attempt at writing this blog … Read morePlayers That Each Team NEEDS – Part 2