100 ball cricket!

100 ball cricket!

So, England gave us the game of cricket, and now that same England is giving us a new format! Yes, a format in which a 100 balls are played. First, I want you to divide 100 by 6. 16.4 ‘overs’ would be bowled. Let me explain how this would work.

5 bowlers bowl 3 overs of 6 balls each – 90 balls

1 bowler bowls 1 over of 10 balls – 10 balls!

That’s right, a ten bowl over! I’d like to ask England if those extra 20 bowls were boring to watch, or playing 120 balls was out of your batsmen’s capability, or your fielders are so physically weak that they can’t endure 40 more minutes of ‘boring’ play?

I really hope that this format of the game stays in England only and does not make its way onto the global platform.

It is expected to attract more spectators, but they also will soon understand that 100 balls is too less to differentiate between two sides.

I would like to know your views about this format too.