How Watching A Match In The Stadium Is Different From Watching On The TV

I watched the recent RR Vs KKR match in the stadium. These are just some of the things I have noticed whenever I watch a match in a stadium.

1. Fielding Is That Much More Important

When you’re watching on TV, you don’t see from where the fielder is running, or how fast the ball is going. At the ground, you actually realise how hard it is to hold on to the catches and make the boundary line saves.

2. You Don’t Really Know The Figures Of The Players

When I’m watching on TV, I always keep an eye on how much each batsman scored, how many runs each bowler has leaked, what is the strike rate etc. But at the ground, you are too absorbed in the atmosphere to check the figures.

3. Bowlers are fast. Crazy fast.

This does not apply only to the fast bowlers but also the spinners. The spinners themselves bowl as fast as a high-school pace bowler. The keeper actually stands way behind the stumps which we don’t realise on TV.