If The Light Flashes, Should It Be Out?

If The Light Flashes, Should It Be Out?

We recently saw in both the CSK – KXIP game and the RR – KKR game that the ball hit the stumps, the light flashed, but the bails did not fall down and the batsman was not given out. Now technically, that is the law, so there was nothing wrong in it but come on! How much faster can a bowler bowl than 130-140 km/hr! What, do they want laser-guided missiles to hit the stumps to finally get the bails to fall down?

One point of debate is that these bails which are being used nowadays are much heavier than the bails which were used earlier, or which are still used in Test or ODI cricket. So if the same ball was bowled to a wicket where the wooden bails were used instead of these heavier ones, it would have been out. That’s just not fair.

Another point and the most significant one, according to me, is that while checking a run out, we consider the time that the light flashes on the stumps to be the time that the batsman is out. We don’t wait for the bails to fall down, do we? Then why do we do that for a normal bowled dismissal? If we wait for the bails to fall down in every run out, then almost all of them would end up being not out. But we don’t. As soon as the light flashes, and the batsmen hasn’t reached the crease, it’s out. Then it should be the same way for bowled decisions. Why the bias?

This decision, for example, might have gone another way if we had waited long enough to see the bails fall down. Narine might have made it back to his crease till then, to remain not out.

Cricket is already not much of a bowler’s game. The batsmen gets all the fun, the game and the big bucks. And instead of trying to make the game a little better for the bowlers, we just keep following those same old rules. Cricket should be made more fair. I’m not saying that this rule is wrong or should be scrapped, it’s just that they should find a better way which is more fair to every player on the field. Maybe the bails could be one weight in every game played, be it anywhere in the world. Maybe as soon as the light flashes, it’s considered out, whatever. But it should help cricket as a sport.