India Crush The Green Micks

India Crush The Green Micks

India proved against Ireland that they aren’t the No.1 team in the world for nothing! And Ireland proved that they aren’t the No.17 in the world without a reason. When the players took the field on Friday, I’m sure David and Goliath must have been seeing the match and feeling proud in their successors. With a 143 run win, India won the series with an expected score of 2-0. This was a practice series anyway and the real fun will begin later when India take on England, the current best limited overs side after India, or not?

India’s Conundrum

As Virat Kohli said, he’s having a headache deciding who to pick for the playing XI. He should too. 4 openers were used in two matches. 2 people at No.4. 2 people at No.5, 2 people at No.6. In short, no position has been assigned to any player. Suresh Raina has been given a spot at No.3 but the rest do not have any assurance about the spot at which they will play it even whether they will play or not. I believe Kohli should give himself first preference over Raina and go in at No.3, his patented position. KL Rahul has performed in every match he has played so far so he must be given a chance to open. The same thing can be said for Shikhar Dhawan, who should open with Rahul. At No.4, Raina and Rohit can pit each other for the spot according to their form. Dhoni can walk in at 5, being followed by Karthik and Hardik Pandya. I believe that’s the best XI India can play.

Spider-Man Must Be Proud

Spider-Man would be very happy with the performances of spinners Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvwndra Chahal who took 13 wickets between the two of them. They spun a web around the Irish batsmen similar to the one Spider-Man builds around weak villains. This just goes to prove that not always do conditions matter more than quality of players and opponents. Spinners have always been the pride of India and in the upcoming England series, I think it will be the same way.

Ireland – Do They Really Deserve It?

After the thrashing against Pakistan in the Test Match, some were already doubting Ireland’s capability on the highest level of the game. I believe that Ireland’s batting is alright, with people like Paul Stirling and Gary Wilson taking charge. The real matter of concern is the bowling. They gave away 12 wides in a match! 4 leg byes and a no-ball too! On the other hand, India gave away only 1 wide. You can very well see the difference. In both the matches, India crossed 200 while their own batsmen could not even reach 135! They need to take serious measures if they are to make a case for themselves in any of their upcoming matches.