Mumbai Indians – Report Card

Mumbai Indians – Report Card

Mumbai Indians lost 8 matches in all. 6 of them in the last over! One of them in the 2nd last and one in the 3rd last over. To say the least, all the matches were close. But Mumbai lost the plot in most of them. If they had won just one more match, they would’ve qualified. 2 more matches, and they would have come 3rd on the points table. 3 more matches, and they would’ve topped the points table! 7 of those lost matches could have gone either way but luck seemed to be against Mumbai on all occasions.

Jasprit Bumrah – 8.0

17 wickets in 14 matches with an economy around 7 is not bad. But he hasn’t led the Mumbai attack like he should’ve. He has been hit around the park by some of the most inexperienced batsmen and for the first time, Bumrah is not the first bowler I add to my Fantasy XI.

Rohit Sharma – 5.0

Yes, I’ve given Rohit ‘Hitman’ Sharma 5/10 marks. This has been his worst season in terms of runs and average. One reason could be that he kept demoting himself down the order. That was very wrong. He also couldn’t hold his nerves under pressure and it showed in his decisions as a captain.

Hardik Pandya – 9.0

I would give 10 out of 10 for the bowling, but the batting has just been disappointing. 3 runs off 17 balls when the team needed him to anchor the innings. But he has delivered the goods each time he has bowled and taken the most wickets for MI this year.

Evin Lewis – 7.5

Everyone was calling him ‘Junior Gayle’ and building up the hype around him but he hasn’t lived up to all that hype. An average under 30 really isn’t what a team expects from it’s star overseas batsman. Inconsistency has been an issue. He needs to work on that and come back strong next year.

Mayank Markhande – 9.5

The find of the season for MI has been Mayank Markhande. Taking the wicket of greats like Dhoni and Raina is something most youngsters can only dream about. Nobody has read his googly nicely. He is a great investment for the future and MI would hope that he isn’t just a one-season wonder.

Suryakumar Yadav – 10.0

What is it with IPL 2018 and finding new openers? First Rahul, then Rayudu, then Buttler and for MI, Suryakumar Yadav. When he was sent in to open, people were really criticising MI for that but he performed excellently against the odds. MI has found an experienced stalwart who they can rely on if others don’t fire.