Time For The Most-Watched Match In The World

Time For The Most-Watched Match In The World

A long time ago, a little ball boy went up to Zinedine Zidane and asked for his shirt. As Zidane had already exchanged it with an opponent, he asked the boy to come with him to the dressing room, where he took off his shorts and gave them to the boy. Antoine Griezmann has been holding on to the pair of shorts till date and maybe now it is time to repay Zidane with a France jersey with two stars above the logo.

France – Going For Glory

This French team is no less than their Cup-winning side of 1998. Antoine Griezmann, their evergreen leader, Kylian Mbappe, the pacy youngster, and Olivier Giroud, the experienced striker make for France’s 3 Musketeers. In the midfield, Paul Pogba has won almost every tackle, while Ngolo Kante is an expert in creating chances for the poster boys. Samuel Umtiti and Raphael Varane, the best defending pair in the tournament have also scored goals to reach here. Benjamin Pavard, with his witty clearances, and Lucas Hernandez, with his excellent crosses are the finds of the tournament for France. Hugo Lloris, their own Captain Cool and goalkeeper will lead the team into the most important match of their lives, and probably one that will end in victory. And Didier Deschamps will be hoping to become just the second footballer to win the World Cup, both as a player and a coach.

Each World Cup has a story that will be forever etched into our memories. Regardless of today’s result, that story this World Cup, will be Croatia. With a population of 4.3 million, less than the state I live in, they have defied all odds to reach the World Cup final. Few expected them to reach till the quarters even, leave alone the finals. They were expected to crash out in the Round Of 16 itself, but they have showed tremendous grit to reach here.

Croatia – Small Nation, Big Dreams

The sole value of this team is,’one for all, all for one’. Luka Modric can be called the player of the tournament for his performances, his assists, his goals, his penalties, but most of all, for the impression he has had on his teammates. He is a leader who pushes his team forward, and takes a backseat when it comes to showing the glamour to the world. The fuel that the team runs on is their midfield. With players like Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Perisic, the midfield is solid and that is why they manage to keep possession most of the time. From sending a player home midway because he was faking an injury, to firing an assistant coach, Croatia have gone through it all, and regardless of today’s result, they are winners.

My Prediction

I believe France have an upper hand. But I don’t expect Croatia to go down without a fight. As for the score, I think France is gonna win 2-0 or 2-1. If Croatia scores, I think Mandzukic would score that, and one goal from France would surely be by Griezmann and the other, if it is scored could be by Mbappe or Pogba.