We Have Our Finalists!

We Have Our Finalists!

Did anyone really expect a top class team like Sunrisers Hyderabad to lose 5 matches in a row and crash out of the tournament? I for one, did not. KKR was never going to reach the finals, with all the injuries and slumps in form. But for now, all eyes are on SRH and CSK to play the World’s Toughest Final.

King Khan.

SRH are struggling at 134/6 and there are bowlers on either either end of the pitch. Guess what? Rashid Khan isn’t just a bowler. He is whatever you need him to be. He smashes 34 runs off only 10 balls and allows the Sunrisers to reach 174. But wait, there’s more! He comes on to bowl and guess what? He isn’t just a pinch hitter, he’s also the best bowler in the world! He takes the 3 most important wickets of KKR and gives only 19 runs in return. Not done yet! He also effected an excellent runout which turned the flow of the game and took two catches off consecutive deliveries to ensure that his team won and reached the finals.

IPL 2018 Playoffs – Coincidences

In the first match, CSK and SRH faced off. CSK had beaten SRH in both their previous encounters. In the second match, RR and KKR faced off. KKR had beaten RR in both their previous encounters. In this match, KKR and SRH faced off. KKR had beaten SRH in both their previous encounters! One more thing is the sameness of this years final and the previous year’s final. RPS had beaten MI all 3 times before the final. This year CSK has beaten SRH all 3 times before the final. MI broke the streak. Can SRH do the same?

SRH’s Mistakes

Even though SRH won the match, they still committed some mistakes which they shouldn’t have. Playing a new kid like Khaleel Ahmed in such an important match like this. Sandeep Sharma was doing better than most of the bowlers. There was no need to change that. Then, there was no need to play Wriddhiman Saha instead of Goswami. He had been performing well and had a flow going on. This was Saha’s first match after the injury and he dropped two catches. These things must be corrected before the final.