Football Is Returning!

Football Is Returning!

FOOTBALL IS RETURNING! Yes, after more than 2 months without almost any live sports whatsoever, we will now finally get to watch football. This huge gap has made me, and lots of other sports fans realise how much sports mean to us and how difficult it is to survive without them. My nicotine patch in the absence of the real thing was talking with other football fans on twitter. It was fun, but what will be more fun is the Bundesliga when it returns on the 16th of May!

First of all, the German government really needs to be showered with all the praise and appreciation in the world for managing the situation so efficiently, and allowing their league to start when other countries are still figuring out whether to impose a lockdown or not. Their medical system has really stood out during this crisis. They haven’t fallen short of testing kits, or hospital beds, or cooperation from the population, like numerous countries have. It is only because of their impeccable work, that we will get to enjoy football again.

It is wonderful luck for me that the first (and possibly only) league to return is the Bundesliga. I support Bayern Munich, who play in the Bundesliga, so I am one of the very few who will actually be watching their own team live. This is also great because lot of football fans who have never even seen Bundesliga matches call it a ‘Farmer’s League’, meaning that teams in the league don’t have the same quality as other leagues. I actually did a statistical study on this topic and the results that I got were conclusive that there is no statistical evidence of any such difference in quality. Anyway, those fans will now see the Bundesliga firsthand, and they’ll know that it is indeed as good as, if not better than whatever league they rally for.

Every single Bundesliga game now will be like a World Cup Final, because every single football fan in the whole world will be watching. TV viewership is about to go through the roof! The revenue that Bayern, and other Bundesliga clubs will earn from this will be unreal. Plus, all the fans are now picking Bundesliga clubs to support, and obviously you aren’t a real supporter till you buy the merchandise, so club merchandise demand will experience a big increase. And even small Bundesliga clubs and players can become global brands.

I’m going to be writing about the games and doing match ratings and predictions, basically anything I feel like, on my website.

I am counting down the days till the first game.

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