Bundesliga Match Predictions – Matchday 26

Bundesliga Match Predictions – Matchday 26

The Bundesliga is coming back and so are match predictions! After so many months without football (yes, I know its just 2 but still!), we finally have something to predict. Lets get straight into the predictions now!

Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke – 2-1

There could have been no better way to kick off the Bundesliga again than with the Rivierderby. This derby probably has the most passionate fans and the best footballing display in the whole Bundesliga. Its Germany’s biggest local derby and probably also a part of Europe’s top 3 local derbies. Both the teams are obviously towards the top of the table. Dortmund is still very much in the title race, trailing table toppers Bayern Munich by just 4 points. Schalke is in the race for European football, neck and neck with Wolfsburg for a Europa League spot. As for the match, I think it will be well fought. Dortmund’s offence vs Schalke’s defence will be the big battle. With the run of form that Haaland has been in, I feel like he will probably score. Dortmund are favorites to win, which is why I will be supporting Schalke…

FC Augsburg vs VFL Wolfsburg – 0-1

This is a match between two strategically strong teams. Augsburg sit 14th on the points table, but this did not reflect at all in their most recent game against Bayern Munich. They played a high backline, and never let Bayern take complete control of the game. And although they lost, they went down fighting. Wolfsburg showed why they are still in the race for European football against RB Leipzig in their last game. They pulled off a defensive masterclass and contained Leipzig to a 0-0 draw. As for this game, I have to predict Wolfsburg to win mostly because of the sheer difference between the two teams on the points table but I think it will be a relatively eventless game. I will be supporting Wolfsburg in this one, I just like their jerseys!

Fortuna Dusseldorf vs SC Paderborn – 1-1

Both these teams are in the relegation battle. While Paderborn is probably ensured a relegation, Dusseldorf may still have a chance to creep out of the relegation playoff spot they currently are in. Paderborn is coming off 4 consecutive losses, but previous form may not matter after this long hiatus. None of the teams have many things going for them, which is why I felt like this game would probably end in a draw. The teams don’t have as much confidence as it would take to get the win. I will be supporting Paderborn, they’ve gone four straight seasons just going up and down and back again between the Bundesliga and the Bundesliga 2. Its entertaining!

TSG Hoffenheim vs Hertha Berlin – 2-0

Yes, I’m betting on the underdog for this one. I only believe what I see. And when I saw Hoffenheim play last, they got thrashed by Bayern 6-0. And thats only within 60 minutes. The rest of the game was disrupted so it wasn’t played seriously. You can read about it here. Anyway, Hoffenheim have dropped a lot of points lately, while Berlin have kept their flow consistent. So, I predict Hertha Berlin to win. I’m supporting Hertha as well, because Hoffenheim are historic rivals with the club I support, Bayern, and there’s just a lot of tension there.

RB Leipzig vs SC Freiburg – 2-0

RB Leipzig are clear favorites here. They have walked right into the Champions League quarter finals, where teams like Liverpool have also not been able to reach. There defense is one of the strongest in the league, with keeper Gulacsi and centre back Upamecano being the pick of the lot. Freiburg have been an out and out mid table team. It would take something special to pick up points against Leipzig though. I’ll support Freiburg in this game because Leipzig are right up there with Bayern for the title race.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Monchengladbach – 1-2

This should be a good match, because Frankfurt has a knack for upsets as we saw this season with Bayern and Leipzig. But Monchengladbach has motivation to win this match while Frankfurt has no sp[ecial reason to get the drive to win at all costs. Monchengladbach are competing with Leverkusen for the 4th Champions League spot, with there being just a 2 point difference between the two. I expect Marcus Thuram and co to have this one in the bag. I will support Monchengladbach because Frankfurt had beaten Bayern quite embarrassingly at the start of the league and adequate revenge hasn’t been taken…

FC Koln vs SC Mainz – 3-0

This is the first game where I have predicted a complete thrashing. Koln have some good young players and an experienced mentor in Jonas Hector. Their fullbacks especially are quite talented. Mainz is just languishing at the bottom of the table underconfidently, so I expect Koln to take advantage of that and dominate the game. I will also be supporting Koln because their logo is a mountain goat.

Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich – 0-4

The second complete thrashing of the day, although everyone can probably see this coming. Bayern are obviously firm favorites to win and they most probably will win. If they give it their all, then the scoreline above is a definite possibility, but if they hold back, and if the players aren’t at their 100% physically, as many of them won’t be, they might win by a smaller margin. Either way, entertaining football is guaranteed whenever Bayern is in the equation.

Werder Bremen vs Bayer Leverkusen – 0-3

The final game of Matchday 26 promises to be quite one-sided. Bremen are struggling to get out of a relegation spot whiole Leverkusen are a mere 2 points away from a Champions League spot. And with the home advantage close to nil without the fans, Leverkusen should cruise to victory. I will be supporting Werder Bremen because I don’t want Leverkusen to get a Champions League spot, because then Kai Havertz will want to leave them, and that will reduce his market value, and then Bayern can go and buy him. Its complicated.

So that is it for today’s match precitions, hopefully I get a few right, and we get some great football. If you aren’t reading this on my site, then go and see that and read the next one there!

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