Bland Beginning For Bayern…

Bland Beginning For Bayern…

Bayern Munich have played their first game since the Bundesliga came back, and quite honestly, it was underwhelming. There were billions of people watching the match, hoping to see the team who completely destroyed Chelsea and Tottenham at their homes, but instead they saw a rusty team, not anywhere close to making a UCL title run, something which seemed a certainty before the break. Even though Bayern got the win, they didn’t do so in their typical emphatic fashion that has become synonymous with Bayern now.

Since the start of the game, Bayern didn’t look like dominating. The defenders were chipping the ball straight to the forwards, completely skipping the midfield line. The midfielders just seemed a little lazy at the start, to be frank. Davies, Muller and Alaba seemed like the only Bayern players on the pitch that time. Muller got into great spaces which isn’t unexpected since he is the creator of his own position called ‘Raumdeuter’ or Space Traveler. But he wasn’t lethal in front of goal at all. He did manage to score one goal, but it was ruled out for offside. Harsh call, but right call.

Thomas Muller During The Game

A surprise disappointment was Robert Lewandowski. The Polish striker just disappeared. At one point, he missed a tap-in from a 1 meter distance from goal. His penalty was the goal that broke the deadlock, but overall this performance was not up to Lewa’s supreme standards. Leon Goretzka failed to prove his haters wrong yet again, with no significant input to the play. Right now, he can’t bench Muller for his life, and his future at Bayern is in doubt because of a certain Kai Havertz, quickly becoming one of Bayern’s future targets.

Okay, enough complaining, now lets talk about some positive points. The best players on the pitch were easily Bayern’s fullbacks. Davies, as usual, completely exploited his pace to make great runs resulting in scoring opportunities and swiftly tracking back to cover up for his defensive mistakes. He is a true wonderkid.

Pavard on the other side of the pitch played a brilliant game. He was the undoubted player of the match. He scored the only field goal of the match with a great header from a Kimmich corner. He was the one who earnt that corner, smartly pushing the ball back onto the Union Berlin defender, to create something from nothing. His defense was solid throughout the game with constant interceptions and tackles. And he took one shot that only he can take. Lets not forget that this is the guy who won the World Cup 2018 Best Goal, as a right back! He made one strike in this game that might go down as one of the best shots to not result in a goal. Overall, this game was just testimony to the fact that Pavard is Bayern’s right back for the long haul, and there is no Dest or Hakimi who can change that.

Pavard celebrates after scoring Bayern’s second goal

Manuel Neuer turned in a solid performance. He kept a clean sheet, and made every save he needed to. Kingsley Coman was actually much better than Goretzka, who he came in for. If Coman can manage to remain injury-free, he has the potential to stay at a top club like Bayern for the length of his career, and maybe even be a starter. People critique his crossing, but the balls he put into the box were all pretty accurate today.

One last opinion about today’s game – Hansi Flick didn’t manage like Hansi Flick. The tactics deployed from the start weren’t what we saw during the 20 games since Flick became the manager. The team wasn’t nearly as offensive or dominating. Also, there were 5 substitutions available, but Flick only used 3, and the last one only happened at the 89th minute mark, so it had no major effect on the game. Why would he choose to tire out his players when there is an option to reserve their energy and give youngsters a chance? I personally would have loved to see Zirkzee or Mai or Lucas Hernandez being given some minutes (And not just because I selected some of them in my fantasy team although that may have played a factor..).

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