Thorough Thrashing For The Frankfurt Eagles…

Thorough Thrashing For The Frankfurt Eagles…

After Bayern’s underwhelming outing against Union Berlin last week, they really needed a strong performance against Eintracht Frankfurt before facing Dortmund on the 26th to gain some much-needed confidence. Dortmund ran riot in both of their first two games, and were looking quite likely to have form on their side going into 26th’s all-important game against Bayern (which could well turn out to be a title decider). But Bayern’s demolishing of Frankfurt has truly turned the tables.

Bayern started out this game with a certain poise, which wasn’t present in the Union game. Despite the absences of Gnabry and Thiago, Bayern dominated Frankfurt the whole first half. I don’t think Frankfurt had even one clear chance. There were a burst of chances created within a space of 4 minutes, all of them by Joshua Kimmich, who started the game on a brilliant note. Unfortunately, none of these chances were taken by the Bayern forwards. Then an unlikely hero emerged.

Leon Goretzka

Leon Goretzka completely disappears during a lot of games. Neither is he attacking, nor intercepting, nor going for tackles, he’s just there. This was the case for the first 15 minutes. Then, Alphonso Davies made a great through ball which was swiftly collected by Thomas Muller who went on to cross the ball in the box, looking for Robert Lewandowski. But Lewa missed the ball. And all of a sudden there was this charging bull in the form of Goretzka who made a mad dash toward the ball and took a brilliant shot which landed in the back of the net. That goal deserves all the praise in the world. But unfortunately after that beauty, he went back to jaywalking on the pitch and randomly fouling Frankfurt players.

Alphonso Davies

There were two standout players on the pitch today. The first was Alphonso Davies. The Candian wonderkid has been a complete revelation this season and has only gone from strength-to-strength. I’m telling you, his name will be right up there with the best players of all time in a decade or so. He’s just 19, and still the Germany’s biggest superclub can’t function without him. He has videogame pace. Its not fair to the other team. The opponent’s right flank is fully blocked, just because of Davies there. He created more chances today than any player except our second standout player. And that, as a defender. Its not like his attacking supremacy takes anything away from his defensive capabilities either, he was the best defender for Bayern too with more tackles, interceptions and clearances than any other Bayern defender. Oh, and he got an assist. Oh, and he also got a goal.

Thomas Muller

The second standout performer of the game was the other layer without whom the current Bayern can’t think of functioning. Its the Raumdeuter himself, Thomas Muller. He was the best attacking player for Bayern. The space interpreter sure did find a lot of space, and connected very well with the dynamic duo of Davies and Kimmich, who were responsible for feeding in most of the passes to the forwards. Muller didn’t attempt to shoot too much, instead he preferred to pass the ball to a player more well equipped. He put up great numbers, making the most runs into the box, creating the most passes within the final third and being dispossessed the least number of times. Oh, and he got an assist. Oh, and he also got a goal.

Robert Lewandowski

Moving away from these positives, there were a few negatives in this game. Lewandowski didn’t look up to his usual standards. He did score a goal, but come on, he’s Lewandowski, any game where he doesn’t get a hat trick is a bad game. On a more serious note, Lewa played under the shadow of Muller the whole game. Whenever he got the ball, he would try to make a back pass, or give it to someone else. That’s why Ivan Perisic had more shots than him and he didn’t even play for a third of the game! He also looked kind of sluggish, which would lead one to believe that he hasn’t fully recovered from his injury yet. Hopefully, he finds his form before Bayern vs Dortmund on the 26th because Bayern will definitely need is pre-injury self in that game.

Other Takeaways

Kingsley Coman showed some glimpses of brilliance. He has as much pace as Davies, and if he can learn how to use it, then he can also cement a place in the starting XI. His first touch on some occasions was heavenly, on others, it was dreadful. But all in all, a solid performance from the French winger, who is giving Bayern bosses something to think about regarding their business this transfer window. Hansi Flick’s substitutions were significantly better than the last game. He thought about the Dortmund game, and pulled out all the injury prone players from the game as soon as it became clear that Bayern were going to emerge victorious in the clash. The only complaint could be that Lewandowski was allowed to play the whole game. This was an irrational move because Lewa wasn’t playing that well, he has just come back from an injury, and had he picked up a yellow card, he would have been out of the Dortmund game altogether. Bayern is really lucky that it didn’t happen.

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