I have completely lost my voice cheering for RR in this game today. I have to admit, I had completely written off RR in this game, and had spent the whole game ranting about the team with other disappointed RR fans. But in the 17th over, I started watching the game again and that was when I actually started to think that we did have a chance. Let’s talk about what happened in those 4 overs that completely turned the game on its head, and made it so that I have to go visit the doctor tomorrow.

The partnership at the crease was Riyan Parag and the lord of lords, Rahul Tewatia. These 2 deserve all the credit in the entire world. Even when there wasn’t a single glimmer of hope, both of them believed that they could still do it, and kept playing on. And all that paid off at the end.

The 17th over started off with a huge six from Rahul Tewatia. He then followed it up with a 2, and then took a single. Then Riyan Parag hit two consecutive 4s! RR’s comeback was truly on with 18 runs off this over.

The next over was Rashid Khan’s all-important over. This could have been make or break for RR. Well, it turned out to be the fomer. After Riyan Parag took a single, Rahul Tewatia hit 3 consecutive fours to Rashid Khan! To Rashid Khan! The best T20 bowle in the world! I am telling you, Rahul Tewatia isn’t just ‘a bowler who can hit’ anymore. He is a proper all-rounder. He plays such structured innings, with smart starts and explosive ends. The India call-up is inevitable for him now.

Now, 22 runs were needed off 12. They took two singles off the next two balls to make the equation 20 off 10. But then, the king came back and smashed a 4, and immediately after that, a 6! This was the gamechanging moment, and from here on, it was a matter of keeping calm. Credit also has to be given to Riyan Parag, who also kept his cool and finished off the game with a six, when there was still a chance that the game could have been blundered. He has proven his worth. But the hero of the chase was definitely Rahul Tewatia.

He truly changed the game, and made it RR’s game for the taking. Honestly, his innings against KXIP doesn’t even seem that unworldly anymore because now we’ve seen what he can actually do! He is a proper all-rounder, and dare I say it, a 3D player. He is the perfect candidate to take Ravindra Jadeja’s spotspot in the Indian National Team, at least the T20 team. I hope that RR retains him or uses the RTM card at least. Barring Jofra Archer, he has been RR’s only match winning and consistent player. Like Jofra Archer, he bowls very well and is an unbelievable hitter of the ball. But unlike Jofra Acher, he is also an excellent fielder! He has definitely been the revelation of IPL 2020.

Rajasthan Royals are in it. Halla Bol!

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