So The Umpires Keep Gifting Free Reviews…

So The Umpires Keep Gifting Free Reviews…

In today’s game between the Mumbai Indians and the Kings XI Punjab, an incident occurred. During the 7th over of Mumbai’s batting, Glenn Maxwell was bowling to Krunal Pandya. After an upper order collapse, the situation was pretty tense for Mumbai, and another wicket would have probably resulted in a loss.

On the 4th delivery, Glenn Maxwell bowled an in-angling turner going in to Krunal Pandya. Krunal defended it calmly with his bat, and after one bounce on the ground, landed into the gloves of KL Rahul. As is common with these types of plays, the bowler appealed for a Leg Before Wicket, hoping that the umpire gives a loose call. The umpire says not out. The 15 second limit for the DRS finished, and KL Rahul didn’t signal for a review. Ok, nothing more to see here, is there?

Yup, there is. After the umpire gives it not out, and KL Rahul doesn’t use his chance to review it, he actually goes over to the umpire and says that the ball had bounced on the batsman’s legs instead of the ground, and he claimed a catch. And now the umpire, influenced by this, ends up going for a review anyway.

The claim ended up being totally bogus, and the ball had most definitely come off the ground. So, had this been an official review, KXIP would have lost their 1 review for this game. However, this was counted as an umpire’s review, and thus, had no effect on KXIP’s counter.

KXIP were practically gifted a free review.       

This isn’t the first time this is happening either. In the RR vs CSK clash at Sharjah, RR were batting and had already lost their review for the game. A swing and miss from Tom Curran was given out by the umpire (in a very daft decision, I must say). But Tom Curran stood his ground and stared down at the umpire. Intimidated, the umpire cracked and ended up taking a review himself. Of course, in this instance, the claim wasn’t bogus, rather it was the obvious truth. But still, it was a free review nonetheless.

If this keeps happening, teams will stop preserving their reviews. If umpires can be manipulated so easily, the teams will back themselves to bully the umpire into giving them a free review whenever they need it. The rules really need to become stricter regarding this matter…

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