Lucknow and Ahmedabad Have Joined The Chat

The IPL family is officially 10 teams strong! Lucknow and Ahmedabad have finally joined the Indian Premier League. After some fierce bidding that surpassed thousands of crores, the ownership of the Lucknow team and the Ahmedabad team eventually went to the RPSG group and CVC Capital respectively. Evidently, the holes in their pockets weren’t deep … Read moreLucknow and Ahmedabad Have Joined The Chat

Revolutionising Baseball: The Difficulty Index

Baseball is inherently an unfair game. Not just financially, but even in terms of how its schedule is designed. In the English Premier League for football (soccer), there are 20 teams. All teams play each other twice. This makes the league theoretically fair, since each team faces the same opponents the same number of times. … Read moreRevolutionising Baseball: The Difficulty Index

Lord Shardul May Have Just Changed The Game Forever

When Shardul Thakur walked out onto the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur to represent Mumbai for the first time, no one had imagined that this short and stout, supposedly ‘fast’ bowler would one day take a 7-fer for the Indian National Team in South Africa. But the future often surprises us. And the future in … Read moreLord Shardul May Have Just Changed The Game Forever