A Letter From An RR Fan To The Management.

A Letter From An RR Fan To The Management.

Dear RR management,

We love you. Excuse us for the abuses we hurled at you after the Prasidh Krishna bid. I would also like to revoke the kidnapping threat I had sent to Mr.McCrum’s poodle. We are extremely delighted with the squad you have assembled, and can’t wait to see this team in action! The Ashwin-Chahal spin duo is truly special to us, and we genuinely appreciate it. Devdutt came as a surprise, but we’re excited to have him in our Royals Family. Hetty and Prasidh might have been overpaid for, but we made it up with our other smart buys! Love this team, just get a solid pace-bowling all-rounder tomorrow and we’re set for the trophy! 

With warm thanks,

An ecstatic RR fan

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